CROP IB China online pre-event, October 14th, 2021

In 2022, the first international CROP Innovation & Business (CROP IB) China will be held in Sanya Yazhou bay, Hainan, China. On Thursday October 14th, 2021 an online pre-event will be held, setting the stage for the first CROP IB China in September 2022.

CROP IB China 2022 and the pre-event in 2021 are organized by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science & Technology City and KeyGene, supported by the Chinese government, an international program committee, and Iventus. 

The pre-event of CROP IB China will give the floor to influential speakers from China and the Netherlands involved in innovation in crop improvement. From China representatives of the government and industry will present China’s ambition and recent successes in innovation in crop improvement. The famous and successful Dutch crop innovation ecosystem and its successes will be presented by representatives from research and business in the Netherlands.

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2022年,首届国际“作物创新与商业-中国(CROP IB中国)”峰会将在中国海南三亚崖州湾举行。 2021年10月14日(星期四)将举行在线预演活动,为2022年9月召开的首届CROP IB中国峰会奠定基础。


CROP IB中国的预演活动将邀请来自中国和荷兰在作物改良创新领域具有影响力的演讲者发言。 来自中国的政府和行业代表将介绍中国在作物改良创新方面的目标和近期取得的成就。 荷兰的研究和商业代表将介绍著名且成功的荷兰作物创新生态系统及其成功案例。


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