In 2022, the first international CROP Innovation & Business (IB) China will be held in Sanya Yazhou bay, Hainan, China. On Thursday 14 October 2021 an online pre-event will be held, setting the stage for the first CROP IB China in 2022.

CROP IB China 2022 and the pre-event in 2021 are organized by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science & Technology City and KeyGene, supported by Chinese government, international program committee and Iventus. Both events will offer a high level of speakers and participants, in the similar way to the well-known biennial CROP IB event organized in the Netherlands.

Would you like to be informed about the program and registration of the online CROP IB China pre-event, October 14, 2021?

Please contact Liping Gao, Scientist & China liaison officer at KeyGene.


2022年,首届国际“作物创新与商业-中国”峰会将在中国海南三亚崖州湾举行。 2021年10月14日(星期四)将举行在线预演活动,为2022年的首届CROP IB中国峰会奠定基础。

2022年“作物创新与商业-中国”峰会和2021年的预演活动是由三亚崖州湾科技城和科因共同组织的,并得到了中国政府、国际该领域企业家科学家和会展公司Iventus的大力支持。 与在荷兰组织的著名的两年一度的CROP IB活动一样,这两项活动都将提供高水平的发言人和参与者。




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