CROP IB China 2022

国际作物创新与商业会议中国站 2022

The first international CROP Innovation & Business (CROP IB) China will be held in Sanya Yazhou bay, Hainan, China on November 6-8, 2022. The event is organized by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, together with KeyGene, supported by a program committee and Iventus.

CROP IB China will give the floor to influential speakers from China, Asia and the rest of the world, being involved in innovation in crop improvement and food, in the China province that is leading in technology innovation and crop improvement.

Technology innovation for society
The health and wellbeing of the future of our growing world population is directly linked to agriculture, in China and in the rest of the world. Climate change, decreasing availability of agricultural land and the need to make agriculture ever more sustainable, generate extra challenges. Challenges that can be met by developing the best possible agricultural innovations and use them in a way that optimally meets societal context.

Recent and future innovations in research in agro-biotech and the seed industry can serve well as effective tools to successfully contribute to combatting the challenges. Creating, maintaining and using a good internationally oriented ‘ecosystem’, in which relevant players interact and collaborate for the development and application of innovations is crucial for results and success.

That is why CROP IB China will bring together both business and academic leaders and scientists and breeders involved, from all over the world. Best practices will be presented and discussed.

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CROP IB China pre-event in 2021
In October 2021, the successful online pre-event of CROP IB China took place. This pre-event gave the floor to influential speakers from China and the Netherlands. From China representatives of the government and industry presented China’s ambition and recent successes in innovation in technology and crop improvement. The successes of the Dutch innovation ecosystem in food and crops were presented by business representatives from the Netherlands.

You can view the recording of the CROP IB China pre-event here.

首届国际作物创新与商业会议中国站(CROP IB China)将于 2022 年 11 月在中国海南三亚崖州湾举行。该活动由三亚崖州湾科技城,科因(KeyGene )和Iventus共同主办。

CROP IB China 将邀请来自中国、亚洲和世界其他地区的有影响力的演讲者发言,他们在技术创新和作物改良方面处于领先地位。



这就是为什么 CROP IB China 将汇集来自世界各地的商业和学术领袖以及相关的科学家和育种者来介绍和讨论最佳的实践。

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2021CROP IB China预演活动
2021年10月,CROP IB China线上预演活动成功举办。此次会前活动让来自中国和荷兰的有影响力的演讲者发言。来自中国的政府和行业代表介绍了中国在技术创新和作物改良方面的雄心和近期取得的成功。来自荷兰的企业代表介绍了荷兰创新生态系统在食品和作物方面的成功。

您可以在此处查看 CROP IB 中国赛前活动的记录。


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