Pitching company Radicle Crops in the spotlight

Pitching company Radicle Crops in the spotlight

RADICLE Crops (RC) is a quinoa R&D company located in Wageningen, Netherlands. Our main ambition is to develop new quinoa varieties that growers around the world can grow. Quinoa has the potential to transform agriculture and global diets. To realize this potential, quinoa needs to become widely available and accessible.

Through innovations in genetics and seed technology, RADICLE’s primary focus is to commoditize quinoa by improving its productivity. RADICLE Crops has an exclusive commercial partnership with Wageningen University and Research. Innovation is at the core of RADICLE, that’s why we invest a significant portion of our revenues in fundamental crop research. Technology RADICLE implements next-generation breeding technologies to develop quinoa varieties with greater precision and speed. We are combining eco-phenotyping, remote sensing, and deep-sequencing technologies to build enormous datasets and advanced prediction models that describe how quinoa reacts across different cropping systems and stress factors. These modelling tools enable us to quickly design, select, and prototype the most optimal genetic lines for your target region.

Viviana Jaramillo will give a presentation about Radicle Crops during the Innovator Pitch program on Monday March 28th.

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