About CropIB

The international conference that combines science, technology innovation, and business in the field of plant breeding and innovative crops

On March 24-26, 2024 the International CROP Innovation & Business (CropIB) conference will take place in Ghent, Belgium.

This conference brings together breeding-, AgBio- and AgTech companies, academics, regulatory- and intellectual property experts from the international agri-food industry to discuss innovations and solutions for the challenges in agriculture and horticulture 

For the 13th time, more than 200 international participants will gather for a three-day conference that focuses on the use of new technologies for breeding innovative crops

How technologies like generative artificial intelligence, phenotyping, robotics and genotyping contribute to the development of resilience-, and sustainable crops will be discussed. As well as strategies to bring these technologies to the market. 

CropIB will also contribute to stimulating partnerships by connecting the industry to the world-class academic networks such as of Wageningen (the Netherlands), Ghent (Belgium) and CEPLAS (Germany). 

During this event, startups and academic business opportunities will have the opportunity to give a short presentation of 6 minutes. The aim of this pitch program is to connect these business opportunities to investors for financing or to the breeding industry with the aim to collaborate and possibly perform pilot studies to validate their first product and/or service. In this way CropIB would like to stimulate knowledge valorisation and decrease the time to market for new innovations that could be applied for crop improvement.

Topics for 2024

  • Precision breeding and -agriculture
  • Emerging seed technologies and -production
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • A plant-based future
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • New DNA technologies and applications
  • Reshaping the Ag value chain - the protein transition case
  • Adapting to evolving legislation and regulations

Whom to meet
CropIB is a C-level conference for management, entrepreneurs, leading scientists, financial- and legal experts from the international Ag-Bio and Ag-Tech industry.

Around 200 delegates (CEOs, CSOs, Business executives, heads of R&D/Biotech, legal firms, key scientists, policy makers and financial experts) from the international Ag-Bio industry will be present representing over 100 different organisations.

Visionary keynote lectures ~ Dedicated sessions ~ Pitch session ~ Networking possibilities ~ Exclusive conference app ~ Exhibition area

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