CROP Innovation & Business partners with VIB to organize its events in Europe

CROP Innovation & Business partners with VIB to organize its events in Europe

CropIB’s position as a must-go high-ranking event reconfirmed.

VIB, the renowned organization for strategic research in life sciences and biotechnology in Flanders, Belgium, partners with the CROP Innovation & Business events in Europe. VIB and the other organizing partners, the Dutch companies KeyGene and Iventus, decided to join forces based on the success of CropIB 2022 in Ghent, Belgium, for which VIB already took part in organizing the event. The multi-year partnership confirms the position of CropIB as the must-go event in Europe for CEOs, R&D managers from the plant breeding industry, agri-tech providers, other experts from the international agri-food community, and high-ranking academics, to discuss and showcase how innovations can be developed and translated into solutions for challenges in agriculture.

CropIB goes annually
CROP Innovation and Business was initiated by KeyGene in the last century. Organized biennially and covering the latest and future developments in a three-day event, CropIB always brings together over 150 decision-makers from industry and academia from all over the world. The new team of organizing organizations has decided to increase the event frequency to an annual early spring event.

Reaping strong international positions
The location of the events will be alternating in Ghent and Amsterdam, with an option to use a location in the north of Germany in the near future. The triangle of Flanders, the Netherlands, and North Germany represents an important centre and hub in technology & trait innovations for crop improvement. The scientific partners in CropIB, KeyGene in Wageningen, and VIB in Ghent, are both driving participants of an internationally valued region for agricultural research. Furthermore, the two are active members in strong and internationally valued regional innovation networks, harbouring business and academic partners. The combination of KeyGene and VIB will therefore contribute to maintaining the level and relevance of CropIB worldwide.

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