Announcement 3rd pitching company: Resurrect bio

Announcement 3rd pitching company: Resurrect bio

Resurrect bioan Imperial College London based spin-out of The Sainsbury Lab Norwich, is the 3rd company we announce that will give a pitch presentation at the CROP Innovation & Business conference.

Climate change is causing diseases to spreading to new locations, meaning the disease spectrum farmers are dealing with is expanding. Crops were bred over generations by plant breeders to improve key traits such as yield, height or drought-tolerance, but sometimes inadvertently lost key immune resistance genes (R-genes). Additionally, modern monocultures are static in evolution, but the pests and pathogens that threaten them are not. Plant diseases are constantly evolving new ways of defeating the R-genes in crops. Resurrect bio will leverage their unique understanding of immune receptor networks in plants and pathogen effector biology to resurrect defeated plant resistance genes. A novel approach that could have great impact on disease resistance breeding in crops. 

Interested in this innovative approach? Please join us at the CROP innovation & business conference 16-18 April in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and enjoy the pitch of Resurrect bio and other innovative companies.

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